Our Story

Our name

Mission Blue butterfly

If you walk the Visitacion Valley Greenway, you are sure to encounter a butterfly. Native to the Valley is the Mission Blue Butterfly.

At Mission Blue, we serve up coffee, small bites, and beautiful gifts. Our baristas create beautiful drinks with the Saint Frank roasts, and serve the finest locally-sourced pastries. The gifts are carefully curated. Each gift is designed and made with love by over 50 different makers, mostly from San Francisco.

A community is forming at Mission Blue – one of dreamers, makers, activists, artists, gardeners, urban hikers, musicians, and people from all over the world.

Opened in 2019, together with this amazing community of friends and neighbors, we see Leland Ave as a Main Street with a history and a future.

We would love to welcome you to our store, serve up your favorite drink, and introduce you to the work of incredible artisans. We hope to see you soon!

– Kellie and Family

Visitacion Valley

About the neighborhood

Visitacion Valley, often called Viz Valley, is a San Francisco neighborhood with a diverse community and long history.

Leland Avenue is the main commercial street and is home to several local stores and restaurants. Our store is right next to the beautiful and relaxing Hans Schiller Plaza, which is one of six community parks known as The Greenway.